TT Your Squad

Your squad is a small group of 3 random troopers and 7 specials. Each squad member will have their own name and individual look, as well as being able to rank up and become more powerful over time.

The Best of the BestEdit

As stated in the title "Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops" these guys are better then your average squad. They are the best. BUT, they are only the generic best. There are the 'normal' best, then there are the specialists i.e. Medic or the true elite Delta Force. This squad is more powerful than their counterpart in Tiny Troopers. They can be leveled up and upgraded better and more importantly faster then there counterparts and with their Uniform and Specialist enhancements they leave their previous squad in the dust.

Your ArsenalEdit

Your squad is equipped better and stronger then ever with an armory of weapons, from your squads basic Rifle to a Gatling Gun. The main variation of weapons comes from your specialist's. Your squad will still have their Rifles, rocket launchers, grenades and arguably air strikes. but the specialists are ready, equipped with SMG's, LMG's, Flame throwers and the Gatling Gun, a fearsome weapon that "mows down enemy infantry like grass"

Your Life ExpectancyEdit

Be warned, As strong as your squad is, a well placed tank shot or air strike would and will kill them, and if members of your squad die, they are gone forever unless you use one of your medals. So early squad deaths early in the game are often fatal as you simply won't have medals to bring them back.

Once you reach Operations 2 and 3 though, you should have enough medals or be strong enough not worry about losing your squad, although, you should never let your guard down. As previously mentioned your squad isn't invincible and they can still be killed relatively easily


.Your squads rifle closely resembles the United States Military Rifle an M16 A2.

.The maximum number of troops you can have in your squad is 7, this is 3 Troopers, 1 Specialist and 3 liberated prisoners.

.Snipers are a threat until roughly operations 3 and 4, as your Squad will be strong enough to shrug off a snipers easily, atalmost max level, a trooper requires 14-15 sniper shots to get killed.

.Friendly fire will probably kill you more then the enemy.