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Tiny Troopers is a game for the Ipod touch, Iphone and Ipad


Tiny Troopers is about Your Squad with small troops. It is fun exciting and even has a Zombie mode.

Tiny Troopers is not a game, it's a fantastic world full of action and adventure, in which you take control of 1, 2 or 3 men forming a hit squad, doing some of the most dangerous missions behind enemy lines. The action takes place in 4 operations divided in 7 short and sweet missions. Your missions will be to destroy enemy buildings, kill high valuable target, or simply survive an ambush or a escaping a hostile territory. Each mission is unique and exiting. But be careful, the enemy knows you are here and will do what ever it takes to wipe out your squad : infantry, Dynamite throwers, flame throwers, bunkers, tanks, Gatling operators and many more units will try to stop you, make them understand that size does not matter, teach them a lesson they will never forget, and stay alive as long as you can.

Can you do this soldier ? if yes, then grab your weapon and get your a** to the front line, WE NEED YOU !

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