A destroyed Jeep at a checkpoint

The Technical is a red jeep mounted with a heavy machine gun operated by a regular soldier. This weapon can decimate your squad if caught in the open. This type of vehicle is very common in Tinyetha. This vehicle can be compared to its military counterpart the Humvee.

Tactics Tips and trivia:

.Hit and run tactics are the best strategy for Technical's as a drawn out battle will likely result in the deaths of one of your squad.

.The best strategy would be a well timed rocket or missile bombardment. Preferably as the Vechile rounds a bend so you arn't in its line of sight, it can still work with a mobile target but make sure it stays in the extreme top or bottom of your screen, so your just out of its range This strategy is also ideal for Tanks.

.Technical's seem to have a small blind spot to their rear. Attacking from behind is often the safest course of action, as the it takes longer for the gunner to turn and face you.

. Do not stand on it's way, a technical can run over you and kill your squad

.the machine gun is probably a M1919 browning, the truck is a 4th generation hilux toyota