Description Edit

91 tons of metal rolling into the battle field, armed with a terrible canon, shooting rockets from hell, steamrolling any thing that comes in it's way, it's the T-91 MBT ! a killing machine easy to recognize due to it's particular shape that looks like an armored sardine can. it make no sound but a long terrible "biiiiip" that will make you go crazy, before shooting a missile right into your face. this is a beast, this is the beast.

The T-91 Main Battle Tank is a heavy tank used by many countries in Tinyetha. This is one of the symbol of the Power of the People's Republic of South 'Murica.


Objective: Edit

Tanks are the scariest thing you can ever see in Tiny Troopers, short of an air strike or a Gatling Gunner. They have the second highest health of any enemy in the game (First is the bunkers) and is powerful enough to one shot your whole squad. This is an enemy that will leave you trembling in your fashionista military class combat boots. Most tanks encountered will be stationary but a few do move.

Difficulty level Edit

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5+

You don't see tanks in the first operation.

Tanks take time to target you, this gives you a few seconds to react when you encounter one.

Air strikes or bazookas are the only weapons able to one shot the tank.

mobile tanks are seen in 2 missions (M 7 Op 3 and M3 Op 2)

if the tank is in the edge of your screen, your are out of his sight