Grenadiers are a nightmare for new players !

They wear olive green outfits and a green helmet + glasses, grenadiers are specialized troops who received a good training at using explosive materials. they are armed with grenades only and have more health than regulars. they are not that fast, but at a high difficulty, they can trow grenades far away.

Grenadiers are first seen in mission 3 operation 1 and will be the strongest specialized enemy until operation 2

with a strong armor, on grenade will not be enough to kill you, but in the beginning of the game, they are lethal.

Difficulty level

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 depending on your weaponry and skills


- grenadiers might trow grenades on their allies, use it to kill multiple enemies quickly

- with a good range of fire you can shoot them before you get in range

- grenadiers have no weapons but grenades

-grenadiers don't get big damage if their own grenade explode on them