"Let's roast some troopers!"

Description Edit

Enemy Flame Throwers wear heat resistent glasses, an olive green suit with a helmet and a couple of red containers full of a flammable liquid. Ally Flame Throwers wear practically the same, expect their uniform is black.

Receiveing intensive training on manipulating explosives and flammable materials, the flame thrower is a master at playing with fire! One of the worst enemies you might face, your first encounter will be in Mission 7, Operation 1. Until advanced stages, the flame thrower will only be seen in strategic positions, he has a good health but can't shoot that far, he will set you on fire if you get too close, and make big damage to your troopers so make sure you take him out first!

When it's close to dying, the Flame Thrower starts burning before exploding so stay away from the blast radius. You get more points from killing the Flame Thrower by shooting it down, so you may try to do this. Just take caution so your troopers don't get blasted into death!

Difficulty Level Edit

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 or +

Tips and Tactics Edit

- The range of fire of a Flame Thrower is smaller than a gun's one so make sure you can shoot him first and from a far distance

- Along with a grenadier, it makes a lethal duo if you are in a closed space, make sure you can build up an strategy before engaging them.

- A close-range combat against it is mostly suicidal, so try to stay away from him.

- An Ally Flame Thrower can be useful to tear down groups of enemies, just make sure it doesn't get taken down easily.