Elite troopers are wearing red outfits, armed probably with Ak/47 and have a red and white helmet. first seen in operation 2 mission 1, these soldiers will be your strongest infantry opponent until operation 4.

Elite soldiers received a good training for combat, they shoot 3 bullets every burst and heve a better health compared to regulars. they might be a strong enemy if you use equipements at a basic level.

However, with weapons of level 3 or more, you can kill them easilly. In big numbers, they might be deadly, so consider hit and run tactics against a groop of them.

Difficulty level

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 depending on your weaponry and skills

Tips and tricks

- evoid fighting big numbers of these troopers

- they are not found in barracks

- one grenade or rocket is enough to kill multiple elites in it's effect area