"It's like a grenade, but red." 

Description Edit

A Dynamite Thrower uses an kamikaze desert-themed suit and an red bandana. Instead of carrying grenades, it's dynamite sticks.

The mechanics of an Dynamite Thrower are similar to of an Grenadier, except it uses dynamite sticks and throws them faster. The main difference about the two is that he explodes a while after dead.

Tips & Tricks Edit

Don't be scared if you face him, he's just an "different Grenadier". You can hit & run or just make your troopers lay, it's not very hard to take him down. 

- You may want to take him down before he sees or throw an stick at you, but if you can't, taking him down isn't that hard anyways. 

- There are rumors about dynamite sticks being stronger than grenades, but it doesn't matter. Just take him down.

- Like Grenadiers, it can be deadly and annoying to evade his sticks if there's an trooper with him, since he throws sticks faster. It's better to take the trooper down before him.